Who Is Higher Than Leila?

For many of us who are so tuned to the latest scoop in drug war campaign, the Lower House probe gives us another bit of new twist and turn – someone higher than Leila in the LP heirarchy benefitted from the drug war!

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So our burning of the night candles, after all, seem to lead us into the ultimate thrill of a ride.What if that higher someone is no less than the former president of the republic himself? It may sound preposterous to the casual followers and for sure to the loyal yellow armies but if you could do a quick checked who is higher than Leila you may include the former President of the Republic. Now that is something really, really big in the scale of Erap entanglement with the Jueteng payola that led to his ultimate removal from the presidency.

What are the indicators Noynoy Aquino had benefitted from the drug trade?

    1. The former president did nothing or very little to curtail the proliferation of drug trade all over the country. He even did not push enough for stopping the highly publicised drug business inside the national penitentiary. People may easily dismiss that he may possibly just as innocent as he is guilty for the former president is not known to be all-knowing in the matters of leadership. For example, the SAF fiasco was lampoon as one of those things the president is not directly responsible for he has been long marketed as someone who can’t play the political orchestra with dexterity. In any case, the president who can never function without some bits of what’s going on around him is very unlikely to have left the drug problem to just grow by leaps and bounds without him doing at least to control its spread.
    2. He ignored the PDEA damning report. In 2013, PDEA already reported to the president the scale of the drug menace and yet no mention of it as a clear and present danger of the administration. His propensity to blame the past admin could have saved his face by passing the buck to the other admin for bringing all sorts of woe the country faced at that time and he could have easily passed the drug issue as well.

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  1. It is very unlikely that he didn’t simply know the drug problem for, as the chief executive, he had all the intelligence information at his disposal. If he knew the problem of catastrophic proportion and did nothing, the only foolish reason he could have entertained is that he won’t be blamed in the next administration or they will steamroll other candidates and maintain the yellow crowd at a majority.
  2. During the campaign period, somebody who has a vast network of contacts mentioned succinctly that top ranking LP government official is a drug user. For some reason, it was withheld but there were signs Noynoy was the one who was into it: a) his demeanor in many serious incidents appearing to be smiling is an indication of drug use’s dissonance to sympathy; b.) a former PSG posted online that he would divulge the who’s who among the ranks of their teammates who were pushing drugs and if these people whom Noynoy trusted his security were into drugs, what else would we make sense of the president’s continual trust in them?;c) an official as high as DOJ doing the drug crime can never make much sense except in cases where the president is so completely in the dark, which is absurd.

At this point, we can only wild guess who’s that higher LP official. Is it the last LP presidential candidate? A longtime senator? A congressman? A cabinet official? All indicators above seem to point to the former president. Ninoy must be rolling in his grave if this will be the case after having laboured for his country’s liberation from the oppressive Martial Law and yet his own son a namesake will bear all the shame as the fruit of his labour.

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