How Do You Solve A Problem Like Leila

There is something about Leila that would make you cringe about the Philippines – she represents everything that is wrong with the country! The Philippine Daily Inquirer esteemed economist in Solita Monsod in fact ran several articles considering her as more trustworthy than her accusers by citing her so-called legal credentials and achievements. To her chagrin, the beleaguered senator could hardly even make a dent in posturing herself as a credible senator of the republic.

In a highly publicised takeover of Senate Justice Committee, Leila lost her next attempt to transform the upper legislative house like her pet version of Department of Justice – a government branch functioning what it was once a reaction against.

If there’s an irony about her losing the grip of the committee, it is the senator who deemed less cerebral who initiated her expulsion. She seemed to have paraded herself as the next Miriam with all her sterling legal academic credentials to boot and a few high profile cases tucked under her belt.

Starting off as a brainy and promising politician and losing to a man who is never known for brilliance until her expulsion is a slapped in her ego that seems to be her bastion of confidence remaining as a senator of the Philippines. Senator Manny Pacquiao was able to build his portfolio on top of her demise is sounding too classic, and the social media is abuzz with news of her infamous takeover.

It’s hard to think of Leila could still recover from her eventual downfall and the fact that she is facing her first test of investigation next week put a nail to coffin all her hopes of a political career. She may comfort herself of the turning the tide in leadership in the next few years, as this has been the case in the country, but with the social media and million more now in tune with politics, the wind of change is no longer in her chosen path.

In a political revolution, there’s a case where the other end serves as the enemy of progress and the further the gap between them against revolutionaries who are longing for redemption, the least they can tap the sentiments of the people and the worse the fate they have to face in political history. In this case, it may take more than a miracle to save them from their eventual demise.

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