Rodrigo Duterte’s Achievements

To those who are not familiar with the colourful mayor, there is a short video outlining his major accomplishments. To say that his record is colossal is quite an understatement.

Should he not run after all, I wish him to handle a blueprint to all mayors in the Philippines. They may not follow it, but surely the upcoming generation of politicians will.

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  1. To All Voting & Non-Filipinos and to MR. Duterte,

    Sobra na hirap natin at aaminin natin we need a president with quality of Duterte nothing more. Kapg naayos na pwede mag trained ones. Transition lang ba ”total elimination of violators” muna kund di tumino…”

    Traditional, well triained, experienced, sikat na presidentiables as so, so boring na with reference to the past ones at iba pa ay di tungma sa panahon natin ngayon.

    My inner voting conscience, this preiod my voting directions in this order 1) Roxas (dahil sa mga aquino’s i trust..) 2) Poe (i read in thru in her heart a pure & religious / God fearing person with enough talent to share) 3) Binay ( NO! although, in ’86 I saw him with aquino’s and had my heart in him. Later a big dismay!!! …news and scam ..turn me up side down upset…GRRR at those scam, NO! NO! …I will null and void my vote kung wala ng pipilian).

    My reasons for Duterte is simple: ”Rule of law with tough outright action, . Shoot immediately as fast as Bullets’..outright’. See ,drugs are every except, in Davao. And worst most are sourced from authorites themselves? (ex. pulis?).

    MR Dutrete I am nothing & only a small fish to you and you dont gain anything from me too and so I am today (maybe later kung umasense Phils under you…) but, who knows there can be 1 in million chance you might read thru my comment and will move ur tough heart to interest me a……”bet me, 1 can do a 1 month fasting with water only if this will contribute to your deciding to run” CHALLENGE ME.

    I know gimik mo lang na di ka tatakbo. Deep inside in you, I know you will will 100% run (I bet u if not) fasting ka rin reverse way kahit 1day lang by water….FINALLY, I am for DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT.

    Orlan B
    12th Aug. 15
    Singapore (Visit Visa).
    Brgy. Sangandaan Proj. 8 QC, Phils

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