Revisiting The Joke

The curse joke which I first posted as a comment to Rafael Alunan’s FB page, and thereafter on PTV4 and CNN Philippines pages, and in In Defense of Rodrigo Duterte page suddenly got rained of likes in a number of thousands.


However, it was not before long that those who were not flexible enough to analyze the content reacted that the ASEAN part was just a rotational turn-over and there’s nothing praiseworthy about it. I quickly countered that it was meant to be a joke and in fact, it was the ASEAN neighbors assessment of the qualification of the Philippine president that he is not unqualified, no matter how badly he was painted in the media, to handle the leadership.

Unfortunately, as simple as a joke as it is, one has to copy and leave no credit to the author. In fact, other’s credited it to somebody else!


No biggie really. After all, it’s just a joke. But it didn’t stop there. It seems that lack of originality is also pervasive on the internet. For instance, here’s another translation to it in Tagalog:


Now, we’re going to shift our discussion to the sensibility of the joke. A lot of people can easily jump to their analysis that the 3rd one is showing the lack of knowledge of the author in the manner how the leadership gets handed over and it’s no brainer Duterte will surely get it.

But they missed the point very badly. For one, the joke was never mean to make sense of the effort-reward thing. It was simply showing the “Inspite-of-curse” thingy. Now rephrase the joke one more time and it will make it all perfectly sensible!

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