Probable Reasons Why Duterte Is Not Running For Presidency

Time and again, the Mayor keeps on reiterating he is not running. He cites the following reasons:

1. He is not interested.
2. He has no money.
3. He has frail health at his age.

There can be other reasons as well why the mayor is hesitant to divulge to the media as it may possibly hurt either his image or his outstanding legacy. Or his reasoning others may find it hard to accept. So better stick with the 3 reasons and being a man of word, he never deviated much from his reasons every time asked why he wont run for the highest office of the land.

Other possible reasons:

1. His magic may be limited to a city.

We could theorise one reason why the mayor may have reservations – his magic formula may not work on a larger scale or he may face strong opposition that would put him as the person to be removed by right wing rebellion. Or fear that he may be put on a corner as a lame-duck leader where the people of influence like big businesses entrap and ensnare him. His leadership maybe overpowered by the people who have the means to do it.

2. Six years presidency may be too short to transform the whole country.

It took him more than a decade to transform Davao to what it is now and the 6 years limit of presidency or his age may not give him the needed time to transform the whole Philippine archipelago. As soon as people realise his magic wont work, they may start losing hope on him and any pragmatic attempt from him to reform society will only meet with further paranoia and opposition. There is not greater stumbling block to a presidency than constituents losing hope of their president.

3. He may be dealing with different beasts among his circles.

Bongbong spoke of his father as someone who did one person at a time to gain loyalty among his followers. In fact, he had Ver a rabid follower of him till the end of his reign. Dictatorship did not just happen overnight. Marcos seems to have a well thought out plan to deal each of his potential protege by the time he stepped into prolong despotic reign.

Dealing each beast takes patience and time. Duterte may not have them on his side once he in the corridor of power. Hence, his revolutionary plan may not work at all if he goes into the long way of gaining trust among his henchmen especially those in the military..

4. It is a ton harder to be a pragmatic president.

Each of his policies will be under finder lenses among the media and other interested parties – a scrutiny he was lucky he never had much in Davao. This is due perhaps to distance between imperial Manila and Davao. Or people up north doesn’t care really much if the local executive downstairs will play just outside the rule of law.

If Duterte is a Mayor of Manila, his moves might be scrutinise more than being just a mayor of a southern city.

5. He is uncomfortable working with the northern people.

While obviously he has no problem speaking in Tagalog, he is yet to learn the local linggo – language that make him tick with the proximate residents around the palace. Duterte has had a running TV program in Davao and it is helping him a lot in propagating his thoughts and opinions to the people he is sworn to serve. His vocal tone resonates well with the people. He is their mayor not only as a leader but someone they could easily relate with on their day to day lives.

If he goes to Manila, such a huge advantage may not be available to him.


For those of us who want him to run, we don’t have an illusion Rudy will fix all or most of countries woes. All he need to do is to redesign the system of government that it will become too hostile for people who have no business of being in politics. To get rid of the criminals can be his one of the legacy and to repeat what he said, ‘when people have peace and order, they will realise their full potential’.

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