Petition To Remove Cynthia Patag, Jim Paredes, and all Yellow Armies From Facebook and Twitter

In response to the initiative to silence Mocha Uson via, I implore all pro-Duterte supporters to support an initiative to remove all traces of Yellow Armies chief of them are Cynthia Patag, Jim Paredes, et. al.

1. These people are intellectually vulgar

They are influencing the Filipinos not to use their brains to deepen a conversation.

2. They are convincing their followers that crime and corruption-ridden government are much, much more preferable

This group of people is busy convincing their followers to fancy the fast administration and want all Filipinos to go back thereby inadvertently killing back the hopes of millions of Filipino children they gained via hard-fought campaign.

3. They want to dull the senses of Filipinos

To them, all the President Duterte could do is to the ruin of every Filipinos even though reports of his first 100 days say otherwise.

4. They promote psychological imbalance

They love to propose solutions that exist only in the minds and have no concrete existence such as curbing drugs without deaths or providing rehab centers without government budget.

5. They encourage treachery

All the badly interpreted news bits about the president, they amplify it to demonize the duly-elected leader of the land and spread the news all throughout the reading public all over the world.

6. They prefer criminals than law-abiding citizens

They tried all they can to portray the beleaguered senate witness Matobato as a knight in shining armour and even tried fund-raising to protect the self-confessed criminal, all in the name of their skewed perception of human rights.

7. They misled the public

The deliberately manipulate facts such as traffic and blame the president for a crime committed by the past presidents.

8. These people are guilty of ethnocentrism

They love to bring anything Western just to paint the current administration as bad as it can get.

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