Duterte & Hitler

Of all the Philippine elected officials that speak outrageous statements, no person you can at least feels less concern other than the President of the Republic. As a matter of fact, as of this time, President Duterte already issued an apology to the Jewish community, though he never really intended the message in the first place to disparage their horrendous experience during the Holocaust. The president is somewhat humble enough to admit his mistakes that he even welcomes the press to criticize him where he is deemed wrong. After all, it’s their job to point out where he made out of bound actions and statements.

However, since his latest statement is arguably the one that received the most negative reactions worldwide, we will address in this article some of the concerns regarding the Hitler issues where many Filipinos including those pro-Duterte who seem to feel now that the president has to stop issuing statements that are divisive. They say he should not burn bridges especially to countries the Philippines will benefit with its ties to them politically, militarily or economically.

  1. The Hitler remake is a graphic example of his propensity for sarcasm. Vovph here in their video pitted the two versions one is with the full context of the president’s message and the other which was spliced by the media. There is no difference in the manner of delivery between him sarcastically saying he killed a 1,700 rather than 700 — when they raised the issue of the numbers killed by the Davao Death Squad during the campaign period — and when alluded as the Hitler of the Philippines and wanted to kill the 3 million addicts. It’s as if he was saying, “You bring me into that moral domain, I’ll bring it on board and let’s see how you react with my acceptance of your skewed morality.” He was, after all, talking about the hypocrisy of the European nation all too concern about the domestic problem in the Philippines when they themselves are more liable to the international humanitarian issue particularly the refugee problem, where they are guilty of shutting doors at the times of great need. To those who’re more deeply curious about the literal interpretations, the ever meticulous ThinkingPinoy has dissected  his statements here.
  2. An apology is in order. The president knows pretty well his moral boundary. Though he spent decades in Davao as a local executive, he is not ignorant what is going on internationally and still has the recourse to issue a sorry statement where it is fitting. The Jews felt slanted and therefore an apology is required. If anything, the apology would calm our nerves that he remains observant to the effects of his words, regardless whether it is intentional or not.
  3. The international concern is grossly misplaced! There is no reason to fear that the president would liken himself to Hitler and relish on the killings of criminals. He repeatedly says that you can never build a nation by killing people and in fact, the statistics of three-thousand kills is realistically more of a miracle than a sign of barbarism. Out of the magnitude of drug dependents, there are many lives spared, innocents and would-be victims alike and the volume of surrender is enough testament that the president doesn’t want them all dead by all means.
  4. The unabated killings are logarithmic, not exponential. Citing authoritarians in history that the killings would not just stop with the criminals alone and the president may not be able to distinguish civilians and other sectors of society apart from the criminals. This is kind of silly. It is clear from the outset that the major problem of the Philippines is the drug problem and there’s no way to stop it other than to deal it with the strong arm of the police forces. Moreover, the Senate hearings on extra-judicial have established so far that there is no reason to suspect the government is into it. What will happen then when the drug problem subsides? Well, if you look at Davao city, the former mayor would have just enjoyed dancing Budot than threatening all his critics as potential kill targets after the number of criminals is reduced.
  5. His becoming a Hitler lacks historical substance.  It didn’t take very long before the US State Department expressed concern about the reference to Hitler after the American authorities read the papers slanting the president with the dreaded figure of Word War II. But is such sordid suspicion warranted? If you look at the bare facts, those who are overly concern that Duterte may become one day tinker of becoming the Nazi dictator should only look at him during the campaign period. He begged not once but multiple times almost every campaign to urge his followers to vote for Alan Cayetano. What happened? Not all of them blindly obliged. In fact, his  running mate struggled all the way up to the day of the May Election. Duterte cannot even ask the people to vote a legitimate candidate, how much more asking them to accept one that is so obtuse resuscitating a real authoritarian? Furthermore, the Nazis did not happen overnight. Goering’s father had experimented with the Darwinian superior race long before Hitler tinkered with a superior race as totalitarian head of Nazi Germany. There is no similar mindless conditioning of the people to accept a persona so remote to the contemporary libertarian concept of democracy. The moment the president overstep his boundaries, the sooner his followers want him out. There is no place for him in the world of dictators nor he is contemplating to become one.hitler
  6. The strong statement of the president is more of a sense of urgency. There can be no other reason apart from the sense of urgency and moral achievements that the president resorts to a fairly strong statement. In fact, the Filipinos particularly those who live in the comfort of their affluence are so used to babysitting criminals that they are now caught off-guard by someone who is so determined to end once and for all the very thing that rob the hope of the Filipinos to move forward. The press is so used to low moral achievement that they treat the incoming one with suspicion and distrust even with the clear evidence he is making clear headway into shelving the drug problem once and for all.

Helping President Duterte Fulfill His Election Campaign Promise – An Affordable And Available Food For Every Filipinos

Apart from a relentless crime-busting, the next pressing agenda President Duterte revealed during the campaign period is food affordability and availability. Solving food supply problem seems like a bigger challenge for it demands more resources and longer time period than fixing the drug menace, which in just a few months it’s already showing a massive success. But before he started off working as president, his indefatigable Agriculture Secretary in Manny Piñol spent a tremendous amount of time roaming around the archipelago and there and then the secretary-designate managed to dialogue with his intended targets: farmers and fisher folks who just needed basic government support to take-off.

It didn’t take long before Secretary Piñol has started doling out much-needed farm machinery to farmers and boats to fishermen. For all these assistance to happen when the president is still within his honeymoon period of 100 days, it gives so much hope that indeed his campaign promise is not a remote possibility supported no less by his close affinity to agriculture when he was still a mayor of Davao City. In the next couple of years, the Secretary is hoping that the country will be self-sufficient in food production hence helping food producers increase their stock and at the same time ebbing the flow of much-needed dollars outside of the country to purchase additional bags of rice to feed the 80 million Filipinos.

In his official Facebook page, Secretary Piñol mentioned the weight on his shoulders regarding the fulfillment of the president’s promise to the agriculture sector to ensure the increase of food supply in the next few years. He assures that the planned free irrigation to the farmers will be achieved among the first directives coming from the president. Irrigation is one of the pains of the smallholder farmers and with the government support in taking out the cost in watering their rice beds, the farmers have one perennial thorn uprooted in their necks.

Still, there is so much to be done. In one of his FB posts, the Secretary posted the plan to build more trading centers along with the plan to encourage farmers to harness entrepreneurial spirit. One major challenge left though in the agricultural sector that’s killing the farmers for ages is the middlemen problem. The unscrupulous traders offer loans while preying on the small farmers by  offering exorbitant interest rates, hence limiting a marginal profit to farmers. Seldom they can hardly get away from these money lenders who make most of the profits while spending the least effort in food production.

Secretary Piñol (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Secretary Piñol (courtesy of Wikipedia)

With the advent of modern technologies where Internet access, computers, and mobile smartphones becoming dirt cheap and more and most poor communities can avail them, a Cebu-based software developer developed a program based on a working platform overseas that attempts so solve the major roadblock in food production and distribution. If the Duterte administration adopts the proposal as shown in the video, it will complement the existing government initiatives in lowering the cost of transport from a farm to a distribution center where end consumers procure their daily food supply. The farmers don’t have to wait to enjoy the completion of much-needed infrastructure just to avail the platform.

The Alternative Commodity Trading System:

The ACTS Platform creates a transparent ecosystem where every stakeholder in food production and distribution can take advantage of the updated information. The days where traders are taking advantage of smallholders farmers can be a thing of the past.

What If EJK Charges Against President Duterte Were True?

Alleged former DDS turned witness Edgar Matobato started in a manner that would spill the beans of the president that would pin him down as the alleged mastermind of the dreaded Davao Death Squad. But as soon as he squealed preposterous claims such as the planned ambush of then former CHR chair Leila de Lima, he began to lose credibility. How on earth Duterte would like to kill de Delima for no other purpose than personal vendetta?

Edgar Matobato (Courtesy of inquirer.net)
Edgar Matobato (Courtesy of inquirer.net)

It turned out he’s not credible witness after all. But some people just can’t stop speculating from there. They said that what Matobato reveals is just a common knowledge in the city. Every Davaoenos know that the charges were true, they reckoned. Those who are into writing like Ledesma of Sunstar was quick to point out that DDS is just a phantom, where it serves no other purpose apart from scaring criminals away. The deaths of drug dependents who fought it out with police somewhat believed in that phantom that authorities are there to liquidate their kind so it’s better to fight the arresting police just to get a fair chance to escape or live another day.

But what if DDS charges against President Duterte were actually true? What bearing would these have on Digong in his presidency and advocacy? Assuming for the same of discussion, Digong cannot simply be impeached unless there’s ao solid evidence that would pin him down as the coddlers of the dreaded criminal-extermination group. Would it be more of like the same in Davao where citizens were just shrugging off his direct involvement if any?

Alleged DDS victims (courtesy of hrw.org)
Alleged DDS victims (courtesy of hrw.org)

There can be many facets to interpret the hypothetical scenario. For one, the majority of the people who voted for the incumbent president knew all along the insinuation against him and they consider it even a plus because of the there’s only one person who can meet head-on the challenges facing the citizenry bereft of good leadership post-EDSA 1. It may even be argued that Duterte won because he gets the job done regardless of the means to do it. But then again there is the fundamental law of the land and if a witness testimony is really earth-shaking, there may be a shift of loyalty in the legislative department, no matter unlikely to think of this point, to initiate an impeachment proceeding.

Under the hypothetical scenario, we can ask the question how far the president’s past may affect his present advocacies against crime and corruption? Does his hypothetically cruel past affects his present, like for example glossing over the deaths of the criminals no matter how brutal the means of authorities in exterminating them?

The quick answer to that question is to just look at what happen in the first 50 days where the president and his PNP chosen chief have been doing. It seems that all allegations against EJK on drug-related deaths are not proven or established. The legal mandate plus strong political will appear more than enough to quash crime regardless of severity. In short, the president can work within the legal framework with or without his dark past hounding him. It may even be likely that those who confidently sided with the president may have accepted his alleged dark past but they stick with him being convinced that he’s more inclined to work along the lines of the legal framework.

President Duterte (courtesy of HufftingtonPost)
President Duterte (courtesy of HufftingtonPost)

So people may ask, why the alleged killings in Davao happened to be so cruel? The answer to this question is basic human psychology. Killings retroactively affects the behaviour of those who do it and the severity of their deaths is only a proof of its increased brutality. But does that leave us humans with no option and just accept it for what it is? The odd answer is that humans have their own demarcation lines ostensibly to allow authorities to prevent crime. That is why even if the allegations of cruel deaths of criminals in Davao, it still remains deaths of criminals.  The general safety of the population still remains in place. In fact, some of those young children allegedly killed by DDS that were shown in the media were, in fact, the handiwork of gangs.

If the people would resort to restrictive morality, the labelling of brutality is warranted. However, in a broader sense, if people would realize that social trajectory has to undergo a survival stage, the means rarely matter much for what sense of morality there can be when people are all dead. During the height of crime and insurgency in Davao, when you were likely to get killed if you go out past six evening, people longed for somebody or incorruptible authorities to counter the decadence. Duterte came to the fore and he was labelled a miracle worker and a hero, for a lot of people, considered that only a miracle worker could bring them out from their quagmire . Historically, it couldn’t get any more accurate than that!

Who Is Higher Than Leila?

For many of us who are so tuned to the latest scoop in drug war campaign, the Lower House probe gives us another bit of new twist and turn – someone higher than Leila in the LP heirarchy benefitted from the drug war!

Title: Kodakan with Justice Sec. Leila De Lima
Owner: ederic
So our burning of the night candles, after all, seem to lead us into the ultimate thrill of a ride.What if that higher someone is no less than the former president of the republic himself? It may sound preposterous to the casual followers and for sure to the loyal yellow armies but if you could do a quick checked who is higher than Leila you may include the former President of the Republic. Now that is something really, really big in the scale of Erap entanglement with the Jueteng payola that led to his ultimate removal from the presidency.

What are the indicators Noynoy Aquino had benefitted from the drug trade?

    1. The former president did nothing or very little to curtail the proliferation of drug trade all over the country. He even did not push enough for stopping the highly publicised drug business inside the national penitentiary. People may easily dismiss that he may possibly just as innocent as he is guilty for the former president is not known to be all-knowing in the matters of leadership. For example, the SAF fiasco was lampoon as one of those things the president is not directly responsible for he has been long marketed as someone who can’t play the political orchestra with dexterity. In any case, the president who can never function without some bits of what’s going on around him is very unlikely to have left the drug problem to just grow by leaps and bounds without him doing at least to control its spread.
    2. He ignored the PDEA damning report. In 2013, PDEA already reported to the president the scale of the drug menace and yet no mention of it as a clear and present danger of the administration. His propensity to blame the past admin could have saved his face by passing the buck to the other admin for bringing all sorts of woe the country faced at that time and he could have easily passed the drug issue as well.

      Title: ADB-Philippines partnership celebrated at ADB Reception
      Owner: Asian Development Bank


  1. It is very unlikely that he didn’t simply know the drug problem for, as the chief executive, he had all the intelligence information at his disposal. If he knew the problem of catastrophic proportion and did nothing, the only foolish reason he could have entertained is that he won’t be blamed in the next administration or they will steamroll other candidates and maintain the yellow crowd at a majority.
  2. During the campaign period, somebody who has a vast network of contacts mentioned succinctly that top ranking LP government official is a drug user. For some reason, it was withheld but there were signs Noynoy was the one who was into it: a) his demeanor in many serious incidents appearing to be smiling is an indication of drug use’s dissonance to sympathy; b.) a former PSG posted online that he would divulge the who’s who among the ranks of their teammates who were pushing drugs and if these people whom Noynoy trusted his security were into drugs, what else would we make sense of the president’s continual trust in them?;c) an official as high as DOJ doing the drug crime can never make much sense except in cases where the president is so completely in the dark, which is absurd.

At this point, we can only wild guess who’s that higher LP official. Is it the last LP presidential candidate? A longtime senator? A congressman? A cabinet official? All indicators above seem to point to the former president. Ninoy must be rolling in his grave if this will be the case after having laboured for his country’s liberation from the oppressive Martial Law and yet his own son a namesake will bear all the shame as the fruit of his labour.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Leila

There is something about Leila that would make you cringe about the Philippines – she represents everything that is wrong with the country! The Philippine Daily Inquirer esteemed economist in Solita Monsod in fact ran several articles considering her as more trustworthy than her accusers by citing her so-called legal credentials and achievements. To her chagrin, the beleaguered senator could hardly even make a dent in posturing herself as a credible senator of the republic.

In a highly publicised takeover of Senate Justice Committee, Leila lost her next attempt to transform the upper legislative house like her pet version of Department of Justice – a government branch functioning what it was once a reaction against.

If there’s an irony about her losing the grip of the committee, it is the senator who deemed less cerebral who initiated her expulsion. She seemed to have paraded herself as the next Miriam with all her sterling legal academic credentials to boot and a few high profile cases tucked under her belt.

Starting off as a brainy and promising politician and losing to a man who is never known for brilliance until her expulsion is a slapped in her ego that seems to be her bastion of confidence remaining as a senator of the Philippines. Senator Manny Pacquiao was able to build his portfolio on top of her demise is sounding too classic, and the social media is abuzz with news of her infamous takeover.

It’s hard to think of Leila could still recover from her eventual downfall and the fact that she is facing her first test of investigation next week put a nail to coffin all her hopes of a political career. She may comfort herself of the turning the tide in leadership in the next few years, as this has been the case in the country, but with the social media and million more now in tune with politics, the wind of change is no longer in her chosen path.

In a political revolution, there’s a case where the other end serves as the enemy of progress and the further the gap between them against revolutionaries who are longing for redemption, the least they can tap the sentiments of the people and the worse the fate they have to face in political history. In this case, it may take more than a miracle to save them from their eventual demise.

Evaulating Duterte’s Trust Value

During the campaign period, I wrote an ebook (see on the front page if you’re willing to get a copy) that specifically zeroed in trust as one of Duterte’s huge character assets. He only has to present himself to the nation and people will be more than willing to fork for their share in nation building. At that time, it was the president’s reluctance to ask a favour that increase his trust value and in the end, we saw in the election expenditures that there were indeed individuals handing him millions just to pay for the high cost of an election campaign.

For whatever reason, Duterte stopped in asking a monetary support from overseas Filipinos, many of them spent a couple of years courting him just to file his candidacy, and they take charge of the campaign. As a matter of fact, he chastised his team of introducing card donations that were meant to be handed to supporters in exchange for pledges. Duterte had his own campaign app that he’s too reluctant to call for his app users to share the cost of his campaign, more particularly airtime where he lacked badly to counter the negative portrayals by other candidates.

Now, that he is seated as president, he seems still unwilling to tap into huge resources from the overseas Filipinos. The only time they were able to send hard currencies was when Trillianes divulged his bank account in BPI. Probably, the president doesn’t want to burden the already struggling OFW’s with their life abroad, and they want to save instead for their families or to start a small business. The president remains true to his persona not too willing to ask a monetary favour from somebody else.

In his recent visit to an Army Camp in Isabela, he revealed that someone offered P1 billion pesos to help the military. It seems that person also is willing to leave his fortune to help in nation building. If it were another president, any donor would think twice or avoid altogether handing over some funds to a government official for fear that it would just end in his pocket.

It is not uncommon that there are benefactors too willing to leave a huge portion of their fortune to good causes. Some schools, for example, receive funds from individuals who want to partake in the cost of teaching the next generation of leaders.

Now that the president has shown his TRUST value can easily convert to funds, it will not be too hard for him to be the receiving in of the next line of benefactors.

Campaign Ebook

Defending Duterte from the barrage of criticisms hurled against him to improve his image is like teaching Stephen Curry how to improve his shooting from a three-point perimeter arc. From the outset, he doesn’t seem quite needing any of it.

His achievements alone can speak for themselves, and it doesn’t seem quite fair that anyone coming from a failed or less successful political background has something better to tell against the man no matter how conceptually sound his argument is.

A master strategist in dealing with critics, his brand of campaign leaves anyone confused whether such recent speech of his is really for his demise or for increasing his stock. For instance, in his sorting of his peccadillo after indirectly cursing the Pope out of his frustration about the monstrous traffic problem, he went on promising to pay off P1,000 for every cuss word. Now, every media man is given a new task – cuss counter or, at very least, cuss conscious!

When he faces the camera or speak on radio, everybody toes the line while he gets easily the centre stage and commanding the flow of discussion wherever direction he wants it to go. Rarely you will find him under siege with the wit of the interviewer but rather his overarching presence gets easily felt inside the whole room.

A master interrogator who was serving as fiscal for many years, he knows all too well which direction of the barrage of questions is heading. In fact, he once gave a tip to others what he is doing – “Don’t give all information at once so they cannot anticipate your next move.” Every word is calculated well-ahead – a testament to his family’s upbringing of mastering words to their advantage.

At one point, he was asked if he indeed paid the NPA rebels for the release of a Sheriff in Compostela Valley. He replied with a distinctive amplified voice, “Where do I get the money for it?” His vocal tone mimics that of Eddie Garcia, who was most memorable in his one-liners where old age seems to be his strength more than a handicap.

Not to be ignored is the fact that according to one columnist, it is hard to bring down a man who has demeaned himself for months preceding the campaign. Digong simply has no obvious weaknesses his opponents can easily capitalize. What others can see as an issue against him seems like it’s his plus points.

So what is the point then of writing about defense?

Well for one, in the online world today, a bad commentary can easily spread all too quickly and knowing the level of education and inclination of many, it can sweep the tide against him and influence those who have not yet made up their minds who to choose in the upcoming election.

This little book is intended to address some of the major issues that are already populating and polluting the online and offline world that coming from people who have different persuasions, affections, and political inclination.

The Crucifixion Of Jesus And The Crucifixion Of Duterte – The Eerie Similarities!

The mainstream Philippine Media, which appear in so many ways to have trained their guns against the president, are totally unaware that they are threading along the line of the most infamous opposition in history – that of the Pharisees!

Little did they know that the time, effort and truckloads of money in opposing Duterte are just to touch base the realities of the ancient past. Jesus, the spiritual Messiah, was vigorously opposed by the Pharisees and it is strange to know that the same level of opposition is being resurrected by the institution, who are not ashamed to call themselves the guardians of democracy, against the one who can be considered a political Messiah.

There are 12  similarities between the persecution of the spiritual Messiah and the oppression by the Media on the Philippine president. In fact, their incisive closeness appears to be so strangely eerie!

You will find them all in the following video:


Dutertetejournal.com Is Officially Launched!

We are officially announcing our new news brief sites today! The intention is to collate the reliable and trustworthy news sites and we provide some commentaries as the news input come our way. This is not going to replace all the reliable sites but to provide as a central news portal, as much as we can, to prevent the spread of bogus sites where their only goals are to spread lies and spin-offs.


We feel we are obliged to help the president in his advocacies in the area of information dissemination. Feel free to interact in our Facebook page – In Defense of Rodrigo Duterte


Revisiting The Joke

The curse joke which I first posted as a comment to Rafael Alunan’s FB page, and thereafter on PTV4 and CNN Philippines pages, and in In Defense of Rodrigo Duterte page suddenly got rained of likes in a number of thousands.


However, it was not before long that those who were not flexible enough to analyze the content reacted that the ASEAN part was just a rotational turn-over and there’s nothing praiseworthy about it. I quickly countered that it was meant to be a joke and in fact, it was the ASEAN neighbors assessment of the qualification of the Philippine president that he is not unqualified, no matter how badly he was painted in the media, to handle the leadership.

Unfortunately, as simple as a joke as it is, one has to copy and leave no credit to the author. In fact, other’s credited it to somebody else!


No biggie really. After all, it’s just a joke. But it didn’t stop there. It seems that lack of originality is also pervasive on the internet. For instance, here’s another translation to it in Tagalog:


Now, we’re going to shift our discussion to the sensibility of the joke. A lot of people can easily jump to their analysis that the 3rd one is showing the lack of knowledge of the author in the manner how the leadership gets handed over and it’s no brainer Duterte will surely get it.

But they missed the point very badly. For one, the joke was never mean to make sense of the effort-reward thing. It was simply showing the “Inspite-of-curse” thingy. Now rephrase the joke one more time and it will make it all perfectly sensible!