My Duterte Stories

“Through local TV Patrol Davao in the afternoon, the said feature stories were aired for broadcast. The material would run a maximum of two minutes pero before the airing would end, our office would receive a call. “Si Mayor na daw mag-shoulder sa expense sa medication sa bata (The mayor would shoulder the medical expenses of the child.)”

Cadao further shared that these acts of generosity by Mayor Duterte has been made devoid of media coverage to gain publicity.

“No broadcast coverage, no picture-taking, just genuine help for the needy. Mind you, I cannot anymore count how many he had helped and it was never a requirement if the parents were voters or from Davao City. He didn’t mind where they came from even if from Tagum, Mati, Gensan or Cotabato, what’s more important to him was he was able to help,” her post read.


I was nine years old (that was 19 years ago) and the Rule of Duterte was still new (no 911 service and Task Force Davao yet), And the light post fronting our house got busted which made our lot corner dark at night. Because of that, a thief “akyat bahay” broke into our house and got some of our possessions (2 spare tires, LPG, all our shoes, etc).

The following morning, I, my brother John and sis Roxanne (9yrs old, 10 yrs old, 11 yrs old respectively) wrote Mayor ‪#‎Duterte‬ a letter (wala pang text noon) since he was a neighbor in our humble subdivision. We told him about the incident and how it cast fear on us at night when the house corner is dark.

The following morning, a police officer came to our house with 2 other policemen, holding in his hand our letter and looked for the three of us. He said that our concern reached the Mayor and he sent the team to check on what happened. Immediately the busted light was replaced and the policemen promised that they will catch the “bad guys” so that we don’t have to fear.

If i remember correctly, the following day after the policemen visited our house, the thief was caught and put in jail.

When i grew older looking back on that incident i realized that even petty things requested by little children, Mayor takes them seriously upon himself. He is sincere about his concern towards people and he acts immediately. Things that we observed were not only for the first few years of leadership just to impress. While some politicians act well during the first few years of their term and end up in slack (lingas kugon), Mayor Duterte improves service as the years pass.
From that day on, he has gained my respect and he hasn’t failed to impress even until today. We love our Mayor and will continue to pray for and support him.


The second thing that really opened my eyes was when I posted a photo driving in the city with tsinelas on. The photo was actually a very nice story about a Filipino who helped me out. A lot of people commented in a positive way about the photo and the Filipino who had picked up my money…

But a lot of the comments coming from people in Davao were focused on me wearing tsinelas while driving. Sure enough I looked it up:

“f. Driving for hire motor vehicle in slippers”

It is on the list of violations by the LTO in Davao. Why I am sharing this example…

Everyone was quick to point it out to me. People from Davao were quick to instruct me how to follow the rules. There is this sense of pride and sense of positivity attached to discipline and the people in Davao. I have never been anywhere in the Philippines where people will talk and discuss rules and regulations so much, but in a constructive and proud way. It was very unique for me to experience this while driving my scooter in the city and it really got me thinking. It got me thinking about the way I act as part of society here in the Philippines. Why was I cutting corners and adding to the “organized chaos”? Why was I following the masses and sometimes breaking rules without really caring too much? Why can’t I set a good example?

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