Why Duterte?

1. Duterte is already a well-established brand.

Who among the current crop of presidential aspirants or potential candidates whose name when uttered will surely bring shivers to the spine of criminals and law-breakers?

Poe? Escudero? Roxas? Santiago? Binay?

For sure, the name Binay sounds like soothing music to the ears of criminals and once he got the hot seat in Malacañang, they would surely dance Macarena for days on end! Except maybe Miriam to some degree, the other names are weak-sounding to the ears of criminals.

Imagine Rudy Duterte sitting in the palace – reports flashbacks of the dreaded death squad, Sally Chua’s abductors, pusher pushed from a chopper, hold-upper found dead on a ditch, etc will surely hunt the imagination of criminals. And those who flee from Davao to escape “The Punisher” will now have nowhere to run.

Will the dreaded Davao Death Squad stream-roll like rivers in every cities across the country?

Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing will happen for sure. Criminals will start to imagine thoughts not unlike in the final scenes in Steven Seagal’s Hard to Kill where he wrote these on the wall:

“The anticipation of death is worse than death itself!”

2. The Duterte brand has evolved.

It is no longer just a poster image for crime fighting but has spread into curtailed corruption, social harmony, disciplined citizens, enforced traffic and speed limit, honest taxi drivers, only 911 in the Philippines, pro-business, etc.

The result is expected from a pragmatic mayor. To those who are interested in reading Political Theory why Duterte brand has evolved, you may read this link. (For sure, it is a complete bore to most readers.)

3. He will dissolve Congress.

If all forces of the universe conspire to put him as president of the country, Duterte said that in 6 months to dissolve congress. Well, 6 months is far too long. Why not dissolve it outright?

The house has become a home of scoundrels, pigs and idiots combined. You may even wonder why local movie makers still produce horror movies or subscribe to foreign horror films. The Congress is more horrific than both foreign and local horror movies combined -they’re more real than imagined.

There is a need to overhaul the government and create a system that is hostile to corruption. The prevailing system is so fertile a ground for all the crooks hiding under the roof of the current constitution. Something must be drastically done and no person who has the fortitude to do it than Rudy Duterte.

4. Duterte knows well the government’s perceived  enemies.

He once gave some tips what he would do if he become the president of the republic – putting Jalandoni in DAR and Sison in DSWD.

People may shudder at the thought of seeing the two leftist leaders sharing the office with the sitting president. In fact, it is not without precedent. The outspoken leftist Salvador Enriquez headed DBM during Ramos era and he did his job quite well.

Duterte knows the core tenets why MILF, MNLF and NPA put-up an armed front. Will this create friction with the military such as what happened to Salvador Allende in Chile? If Davao is to serve as blueprint for the upcoming government regarding political harmony, this is less likely to happen.

5. A Duterte-run government will be business-friendly.

Unlike the communist who wants total control of all the nation’s wealth or the Magdalo’s who wanted the nation’s wealth handled by chosen few, the Duterte-run government is business-friendly.

But how he will deal the oligarchy and their respective cartels?

We can hope that a revolutionary government run by a man who wants complete overhaul has no problem to make drastic measures to accomplish his purpose of progressive Philippines. How strongly? Well, we can hope that it will be strong enough to make it business-friendly without severe deprivation of poor players in the economy.

6. Filipinos will love him eventually

duterte for presidentSays one Facebook fan, “ang patayan sa simula lang yan”. Duterte aptly said that when you have peace and order, people will realise their full potential. Rightly so and the result – people eventually love him for what he has done.

As residents of Davao explicitly expressed their love of the Mayor, Filipinos likewise will surely love him as soon as they see the results happening all over the country.