What are the chances of Digong winning the Presidency?

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    Mr JB

    In light of the recent survey in Metro Manila where Digong is statistically tied with Grace Poe, what are his chances of winning?

    Here are the basic facts:

    1. Visayas and Mindanao are presumably his bailiwick.
    2. If Luzon is subdivided into every other candidate, the split would further erode their leads whatever that might be.
    3. The strong ties between BBM and Digong may translate to favourable support and votes coming from solid North.

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    Mike Andales

    There’s a recent survey in Surigao city which just confirms he’s topping northern Mindanao as well. One thing to know though is how many are those in the Luzon are that could neutralize the lead Digong will have in Visayas and Mindanao.

    Btw, I heard many in Iloilo are for Duterte as well.

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    There is a strong turn-around now for MAD concert in Manila and the fact that people aren’t paid to attend and the place is not a known Duterte bailwaik, it’s a very strong indicator that Duterte is in for the kill.

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