Evaulating Duterte’s Trust Value

During the campaign period, I wrote an ebook (see on the front page if you’re willing to get a copy) that specifically zeroed in trust as one of Duterte’s huge character assets. He only has to present himself to the nation and people will be more than willing to fork for their share in nation building. At that time, it was the president’s reluctance to ask a favour that increase his trust value and in the end, we saw in the election expenditures that there were indeed individuals handing him millions just to pay for the high cost of an election campaign.

For whatever reason, Duterte stopped in asking a monetary support from overseas Filipinos, many of them spent a couple of years courting him just to file his candidacy, and they take charge of the campaign. As a matter of fact, he chastised his team of introducing card donations that were meant to be handed to supporters in exchange for pledges. Duterte had his own campaign app that he’s too reluctant to call for his app users to share the cost of his campaign, more particularly airtime where he lacked badly to counter the negative portrayals by other candidates.

Now, that he is seated as president, he seems still unwilling to tap into huge resources from the overseas Filipinos. The only time they were able to send hard currencies was when Trillianes divulged his bank account in BPI. Probably, the president doesn’t want to burden the already struggling OFW’s with their life abroad, and they want to save instead for their families or to start a small business. The president remains true to his persona not too willing to ask a monetary favour from somebody else.

In his recent visit to an Army Camp in Isabela, he revealed that someone offered P1 billion pesos to help the military. It seems that person also is willing to leave his fortune to help in nation building. If it were another president, any donor would think twice or avoid altogether handing over some funds to a government official for fear that it would just end in his pocket.

It is not uncommon that there are benefactors too willing to leave a huge portion of their fortune to good causes. Some schools, for example, receive funds from individuals who want to partake in the cost of teaching the next generation of leaders.

Now that the president has shown his TRUST value can easily convert to funds, it will not be too hard for him to be the receiving in of the next line of benefactors.

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