Duterte’s Destiny

Not once but several times the president keeps on reiterating DESTINY as the real reason behind why he became the president of the republic. As Teddy Locsin, the Philippine ambassador to the UN, once quipped that we need to go deeper into understanding the president otherwise we will be missing the depth of his messages he wants to communicate, we will here try to analyse the manifold dimension and implication of the word to his governance and gain some insights into the overarching influence of it on his presidency.

There are presuppositions in which we can interpret his usage of the word such as the president maybe referring to the Idealist position of the Absolute or the materialistic fate, all of these are grounded on pantheistic word-view but the fact that the president keep on alluding to a personal God, these two possible interpretations should be taken out of the picture.

What are the influence and implication of DESTINY in the president’s style of governance?

  1. He is obviously discouraging those who think he has morbid desire for power

History provides us couple of reasons why people use violence in their dispensation of power: they use it to gain and to remain in power. When the president cites destiny as his reason of getting voted regardless of the fact of not having dreamed of it since childhood, he is trying to shut down the interpretation of the possibility of tinkering the use of force to perpetuate in his position. Regardless of his lack of taste of the presidency, God put him there to lead the country in times of great need.

It is very unfortunate that his critics are failing to decipher his message that when somebody cite the word, they instead rush to interpret it in a bad way such as the one in Rudyard Kipling White Man’s burden as the justification of the Western imperialism in the same way as the president is allegedly using destiny by employing EJK as the means to achieve his end.


  1.  He will evince no rancour nor stripe if they would manage to remove him

If perchance he gets voted out either by impeachment, coup, sickness, or whatever means, he seemingly willing to accept the end of his presidency – no questions asked! This is too unlike the authoritarians in other times or places who use all the means just to avoid their eventual downfall. While we would expect there would be a colossal upheaval coming from his supporters if there’s a treachery, the president is acclimatizing them he is ready for any eventualities believing his end is etched in stone or written in the stars.

His followers should by now start to understand or accept that the president himself has no qualms about losing his grip of power for any minute and for whatever reason and like him, they should too must be willing to see the hand of destiny working out in their president’s political trajectory to prevent them from putting too much expectations that they can control much of the outcome of the future if they put so much effort into it.

Of course, this is not to discourage any of them from protesting against abuses coming from power-hungry individuals who threaten the president of his demise but they too should be willing to entertain the thought of having the president losing his grip of power when the hand of destiny prevent him any further.


  1.  Destiny does not render his means to achieve his end superfluous

There are long suspicion that those who resort to accept destiny will no longer work out as much as they should to achieve their objective. The president seems have none of those distorted reasoning – he relentlessly work his way out of the difficulty in his government by using all the means afforded to him to achieve his objectives. Whatever destiny has in store for him, it never throttle him being too workaholic by working round the clock to ensure he will not fail the people who voted him in the first place.

The president may even come down as one of the most hard-working presidents of all time even though he’s a strong believer in destiny.

  1.  Destiny is his comfort

The president keeps on reiterating in his speeches that he does not blame any bit himself for any seeming political missteps he made in the past. Whatever decisions and actions he did in the past, they belong to where they are – the bygone era and destiny sealed their place in them. Thus, the president is losing no time mourning or agonizing about the past and therefore saving him all the energies in unnecessarily recalling those.

Does destiny make him foolhardy? It doesn’t seemed quite to be so as it has no effect on his flexibility – he is all too willing to ask for apology whenever he made a mistake.


  1.  He is inviting others to delve into a complex interpretation of events

Destiny itself invokes deeper insights into life in general and politics in particular. When fate enters into a discussion, the heart, the source of will is given its due consideration with respect to the path an individual has to take. This provide a precise scrutiny on the level of discussion by not just resorting to the will of man the ultimate decisive factor on the outcome of things.


Destiny maybe a dull thing and to many an excuse of their complacency but the president is inviting people to think along with other thinkers of history to consider factoring it into their interpretations of events. Hence the president is likewise giving the people something to feast for their thoughts to do critical analysis in another dimension – that the factors of things are not always what they seem to be.

The president may leave one more lasting legacy among Filipinos – he’s able to cause them to think critically!

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