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These are the objections that normally get mentioned online and offline. The eBook labours to address all of them.
In Defense of Rodrigo Duterte
1. Duterte will just be another Marcos
2. He is allegedly linked to extra-judicial killings
3. Totally unfit for presidency – a local thug
4. The end does not justify the means
5. He would be the Philippines’ Pol Pot
6. His ways of solving crime could lead to anarchy
7. There will be a civil war
8. He won’t succeed in this advocacies
9. Davao’s success can’t be replicated nationwide
10. He will self-destruct
11. Survey results are flawed and untrustworthy
12. He devalues women
13. His brand of leadership is hard to maintain
14. His chances of winning are close to zero
15. He is fickle-minded and so playing hard to get
16. His reason for running is pretty naive
17. He seems encouraging others to join the NPA movement
18. NPA, MILF & MNLF will eventually control the government
19. Davaoeños seem like acting as Stepford wives
20. He is mainly responsible for the rise of rebellion in other areas
21. He mocks God and disobey God’s laws for government leaders
22. Federalism will only exacerbate dynastic hold in the provinces
23. Crime is not the main problem to solve in the country
24. Most of his online followers like to throw uneducated comments
25. He’s feared by all in Davao

A. The problem in achieving economic progress
B. The ego concoction
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