The Crucifixion Of Jesus And The Crucifixion Of Duterte – The Eerie Similarities!

The mainstream Philippine Media, which appear in so many ways to have trained their guns against the president, are totally unaware that they are threading along the line of the most infamous opposition in history – that of the Pharisees!

Little did they know that the time, effort and truckloads of money in opposing Duterte are just to touch base the realities of the ancient past. Jesus, the spiritual Messiah, was vigorously opposed by the Pharisees and it is strange to know that the same level of opposition is being resurrected by the institution, who are not ashamed to call themselves the guardians of democracy, against the one who can be considered a political Messiah.

There are 12  similarities between the persecution of the spiritual Messiah and the oppression by the Media on the Philippine president. In fact, their incisive closeness appears to be so strangely eerie!

You will find them all in the following video:


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