Convincing Duterte to Run

In spite of legions of fans in social media and volunteers wishing him to run, the mayor has reiterated he is not keen on running for the highest office of the land citing his qualification, lack of money and ambition, and health. But his refusal to entertain such a idea does not seem to deter his fans. A friend of mine who is not a Davao resident wants to line-up to Comelec should Rudy declare his candidacy.

The latest news is that the mayor has started to show willingness to listen to the voice of the people. Whether this would translate to a 180-degree decision to run remains to be seen. Well- wishers can only hope that when a sizeable number of people want him to run, the mayor would just gladly obliged.

Here are some of the strategies to convince him to run:

1. Calling him unpatriotic if he would not heed to people’s cry.  Ramon Tulfo maybe banking on the possibility that the mayor would respond to this call – by calling him a name he is not.

2. Perhaps, reminding the mayor that his ability to wade-through a crime-infested city does not just belong either to him or owed just to Davao city. Whatever talents a man has especially leadership kills is

3. Perhaps, fate would condemn any of his future plan or his comfort should he ultimately chose to retire and not heed to people’s voice.

4. A fan called him “swapang” for not willing his ability to other people outside Davao city.

5. The others can be pooling a number of donors to the cause which can be a pain since people may suspect the collected funds wont go into the campaign.

6. Run an online voting pool if many would chose him to run. If winning is secured in the online poll, then it may urge him to file for candidacy.

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