Would the Bisayans & Muslims Vote Solidly For Duterte?

Would the Bisdaks and Muslims vote solidly for Duterte? The chance they would is mentioned in a DurianDavao article that cited the sheer number of Bisayan-speaking and Muslim-speaking people would be enough to propel Rodrigo Duterte to the palace.

Perhaps, the quickest reaction to this assumption is: if the muslim, who once solidly voted for Poe as a make-believe hero, can no longer find a suitable replacement to their hero except maybe Grace to some degree, they might vote for someone whom they can easily identify with. The Bisyans likewise are many and if they choose one of their own, the chance of of a Bisaya as the next president is huge.

Here are the possibilities where Bisayans and Muslims would chose him:

1. Longing to have one of their own

The late Blas Ople kept on reiterating that it was a failure of leadership why no Mindanaons has ever reached the pinnacle of leadership position. Obviousy, it was the Philippine political system that did it all more than anything else as responsible and this translates to decades where no leaders from the south elected as president.

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The length of time where the people of the south expect prosperous country has developed in them an inner longing that one of their own may be given the chance as president of the country.

2. Friendly factor

Duterte is close to the Muslim. Even at the helm of the Ampatuans, Duterte was never distant to both leaders of whatever persuations. These group of¬†people value friendship so highly so this alone can translate to solid votes. One word of the mouth maybe¬†enough to advertise Rudy among the the Muslim settlers – “he is a real friend to us for many years already.”

3. Bisayan’s median behaviour

The temperaments of the Bisayans are somwwhat somewhere in between in terms of outward expressive behaviour. It is neither highly emotive nor rigid and therefore can easily strike balance in their political perspective. This is partly because of their language which has a median inflection and other factors such as culture and influence.

Hence it is easy for them to see why the strong message of Duterte against criminals does not equate to dictatorship nor to sheer lack of decency but to the strenght of political will. They see Rudy as someone they can bank on who will bulldoze the intricate labyrinth of crime and the influential people behind them

4. They may think the northern tribe has long lost its moral ascendancy to lead

People of the north has monopolized national leadership for over a century and the result is a disaster. Some people may think that it is a high time for people to take turns not to ruin their country but to put it back right on track. Imagine the supporters singing a mantra that someone from the south poses to threat to the people of the north in the upcoming presidency battle.

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