7 Filipino Deadly Sins

1. Lust

More than 50 years since the infamous Quezon’s quote “I prefer Philippines run like hell by Filipinos”, inhabitants of the Philippine archipelago are still languishing in the abyss of political failure. While many people can point that politically Filipinos have shown some level of maturity and success in anti-corruption drive, the number of traditional politicians doing their business as usual still pretty much haven’t dwindled down.

This happens after two EDSA revolutions and more influx of ideas from overseas and foreign-trained Filipino students. The number of powerful political families were, are and will be the same faces every born Filipinos has to face all their lives.

Filipinos ask themselves where did we go wrong in many points of political history?

Bonifacio lusted revolution and fell short.

Joma Sison lusted communism but still languishing in exile not seeing the fruit of his labor.

Human rights advocate lusted after the humanist worldview and yet innocents die either of hunger or in the hands of criminals.

It can be safely assumed that the Filipinos have a knack of fool-hardly choosing a non-workable worldview and day-dreaming all their lives it may work at some point given a fair chance. Why Joma Sison can’t do a Confederate Robert Lee who after realising that pushing for another bloody war was futile? Lust. The insatiable lust that poisoned the whole mind and body of individual and but never find satisfaction with it.

2. Greed

Many students of political science wonder why many street parliamentarians turned politicians became no better than their counterpart trapo in the manner of how they handled government funds. Filipinos seems to be easily drawn into the greed of wealth and becoming what they once a reaction against. If you  can’t beat them, well, join them.

Teenagers in first world countries are not unlike Filipino teenagers. But once they join politics, instead of changing the world, it change them for the better. In contrast, the Filipino neophytes turned their teeny fantasy into the world of murky politics.

There was once a lady in the south who was chilling to death the moment she received the a handsome payout for approving a contract. After a year, she seemed to know how to widen her grin. So many politicians easily succumb to the power  and money.

The rotten system designed to ensure perpetuity of political dynasty will turn any kind-hearted mammal into ferocious beast in the city.

3. Sloth

Filipinos can take pride of spearheading the cause of bloodless revolutions. Jose Rizal pre-dated Gandhi or Mandela. EDSA revolution pre-dated Tiananmen Square. But there is one that limits the effectiveness of a successful cause – a virtue that has been popularise since the national hero’s writing that the Filipinos are indolent.

They can’t seem able to maintain the momentum they have gained from a successful revolution. It seems almost everybody has fallen asleep back again but only to awaken that the person they put inside the palace is no better than the one replaced. So much sleeping has allowed the monster of a leader emerge out of daylight.

4. Wrath

There’s always a room for righteous indignation and Filipinos are not in short supply. But no matter how angry they are, they prefer to maintain their sloth. Everybody is angry that the Philippines hasn’t progressed or that their leaders stole their money. But are they angry enough to make an effort? No, they are content of just being angry and being sloth at the same time.

5. Pride

This one vice Filipinos are not in short supply. In fact “Ang Galing Pinoy” just does that – top prop-up the ego of Filipinos that they are really that good and they should strive to show to the world that they are what the ad says they are. But upon closer examination, the ad only highlights the success of the minority while the majority wallowed in abject failure.

There inherently nothing wrong in showing pride of work or success. But if that success does not speak of the majority, then it is just an exception more than a rule.

Politicians exemplified the word positional pride has to offer. Convoys roam the streets of the Philippines as if someone really honourable has to pass. Is that the Filipinos reward from politicians who steal their money by being paraded how vain a political image is?

6. Envy

You will never cease to hear a story about Filipinos overseas when they saw someone showing off their latest buy, another would try to upend.  But the this kind of story is not exclusive to Filipinos who already have something in them. Envy thrives in the political arena and it can be the reason why there came out an issue about someone like Napoles where in fact it was just an internal infighting among them due to envy.

Napoles’ relatives tried to copy albeit disastrously her business model probably envious of the money she amassed without sweat and in the shortest time possible Envy may have driven in the discrepancy between the share of once FG Arroyo and Neri/Losada group. Envy flare up because they reasoned out that “dirty” money must be equally distributed among stakeholders.

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7. Gluttony

It not hard to see so many politicians have pot bellies. This is to ensure that the people they serve will know very well where some of their monies go. Not just the politicians exercise this vice but even in the many Filipino parties, the serving size of food on the table ensures this vice can be satisfied at the very least.

No those are insignificant information. Day-in, day-out, year-in, year-out lechons and cakes flooded in many government offices as if there’s a birthday everyday. In fact, there’s actually birthday. Even godsons and god-daughters receives something for their birthday just because their ninongs and ninangs work in government offices. And it works wonders for many businesses!

Businesses flooded free-flowing food to ensure they would get want they want from the people who signed documents. There is a strong ties between the head and the belly. The bigger the flab, the easier for the brain to pick up a pen and sign a dotted line.


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