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  • rodrigo-duterte-5 Helping President Duterte Fulfill His Election Campaign Promise – An Affordable And Available Food For Every Filipinos (9/25/2016) - Apart from a relentless crime-busting, the next pressing agenda President Duterte revealed during the campaign period is food affordability and availability. Solving food supply problem seems like a bigger challenge for it demands more resources and longer time period than fixing the drug menace, which in just a few months it’s already showing a massive success. But [...]
  • rodrigo-duterte-7 What If EJK Charges Against President Duterte Were True? (9/24/2016) - Alleged former DDS turned witness Edgar Matobato started in a manner that would spill the beans of the president that would pin him down as the alleged mastermind of the dreaded Davao Death Squad. But as soon as he squealed preposterous claims such as the planned ambush of then former CHR chair Leila de Lima, he began [...]
  • rodrigo-duterte-2 Who Is Higher Than Leila? (9/21/2016) - For many of us who are so tuned to the latest scoop in drug war campaign, the Lower House probe gives us another bit of new twist and turn – someone higher than Leila in the LP heirarchy benefitted from the drug war! Title: Kodakan with Justice Sec. Leila De Lima Owner: edericSo our burning of [...]
  • rodrigo-duterte-1 How Do You Solve A Problem Like Leila (9/19/2016) - There is something about Leila that would make you cringe about the Philippines – she represents everything that is wrong with the country! The Philippine Daily Inquirer esteemed economist in Solita Monsod in fact ran several articles considering her as more trustworthy than her accusers by citing her so-called legal credentials and achievements. To her [...]
  • rodrigo-duterte-10 Evaulating Duterte’s Trust Value (9/18/2016) - During the campaign period, I wrote an ebook (see on the front page if you’re willing to get a copy) that specifically zeroed in trust as one of Duterte’s huge character assets. He only has to present himself to the nation and people will be more than willing to fork for their share in nation [...]
  • rodrigo-duterte-a1 The Crucifixion Of Jesus And The Crucifixion Of Duterte – The Eerie Similarities! (9/12/2016) - The mainstream Philippine Media, which appear in so many ways to have trained their guns against the president, are totally unaware that they are threading along the line of the most infamous opposition in history – that of the Pharisees! Little did they know that the time, effort and truckloads of money in opposing Duterte [...]
  • rodrigo-duterte-9 Revisiting The Joke (9/12/2016) - The curse joke which I first posted as a comment to Rafael Alunan’s FB page, and thereafter on PTV4 and CNN Philippines pages, and in In Defense of Rodrigo Duterte page suddenly got rained of likes in a number of thousands.   However, it was not before long that those who were not flexible enough to [...]


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